Bridal Hair

Your hair is vitally important to you but none more so than on the biggest day of your lifeā€¦ Your Wedding Day!

Our Mission

Our Team will work with you to tailor the perfect wedding package to suit your desired look for the biggest day of your life – sumptuously styled, perfectly made up!

Our Team pride themselves on their focussed professionalism and have been involved in numerous weddings nationally and internationally.


All Bridal consultations are free of charge and form the most important part of the establishing your needs and the theme that you want for your big day. Consultations normally last between 20 – 30 mins and carries no obligation to buy the Bridal Package.

Hair Trial Days

Our hair trial days give you the perfect chance to choose the right look for your wedding day. This is an opportunity for you to try different looks and helps you choose the perfect one with confidence. It is always a great idea to bring along photographs/cut outs of a few different styles that you have in mind for your trial and to discuss them with our Bridal Team – Practise after all makes the perfect looking bride!

Body and Length for Short Hair

If you don’t have time to grow your hair for your special day don’t worry as we are able to help you create a glamourous look by added body and length to your hair by using various hair extensions and it’s also the perfect time for adding colour to your wedding day style.

Your Wedding Day

Your may well choose to come to our salon but alternatively to ensure you’re fully relaxed we can travel to your preferred wedding location so that you are completely stress-free and ready for your big day.

Top Bridal Tips

Book Early – The more time afforded with our Bridal Team the better the result will be.

Be Candid – Speak to your stylist about what you really want and what makes you feel happiest. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable with your look on the biggest day of your life.

Sensible Topics – Speak to your stylist about your bridal headwear so that they have an in-depth knowledge about the way it will fit your head so that they can work around it. Tell them every aspect of what your intentions are for your look – leave no stone unturned!


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